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About Mecharon

About Mecharon

Mecharon is a shoot 'em up style flash game.
This version of Mecharon contains:
Different worlds have the same problems:
pollution, wars, diseases, lack of natural resources.
Different worlds have the same solutions:
to kill, to conquer, to dominate

Another world, another year. There was created a killing machine
called Mecharon
and it starts the mission to find a planet suitable for life

Game instructions for Mecharon:
W, A, S, D - move
Q - Previous weapon
E - Next weapon
Left Mouse Button - Fire
Spacebar - Level Up
Esc - pause/menu

P.s.: This version of Mecharon is not URL-locked now.
Feel free to add Mecharon to your site!

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Genre: Shooting - Mecharon
Rating: 4.52
Votes: 20
Game Plays: 110650
Submitted: 2009-11-30
Author: moonmana
File size: 7.44Mb
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Kill, conquer, dominate!
Characters left: 2000
2012-08-19 at 01:46
on this website
2012-08-19 at 01:46
mine webpage works on my computer
2010-12-12 at 19:40
it still wont friggin load ive refreshed it 4 times
2010-12-10 at 11:36
It loads! Try to refresh the page
2010-11-17 at 16:11
dont know if its good or not BECAUSE IT WONT LOAD!
2010-07-01 at 12:18
nice game
2010-07-01 at 12:17
this game is awsome
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